Hunter Greene wants to be more than the MLB’s “next LeBron”, via Bleacher Report

Photo by B/R Magazine
Photo by B/R Magazine

We call him Mr. Sports Illustrated.

Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks) graduate Hunter Greene was taken No. 2 overall by the Cincinnati Reds in June, which was expected after Greene appeared on the cover of Sport Illustrated magazine a month prior. Greene was just the 13th high school athlete to be on the SI cover in the magazine’s history.

The words stamped across the cover: “The next Babe, or baseball’s LeBron?”

High expectations for the teenager who throws over 100 MPH, fields the ball flawlessly and cranks the ball out of ballparks regularly.

Bleacher Report writer Joon Lee captures the superstardom of the young Greene as he embarks on a journey through Major League Baseball with a mentality that far exceeds the already-set high expectations.

“I don’t want to be a dumb jock,” Hunter says, as if primed. “I want to be something more.”

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