Keep it simple.

A mantra for life simplified, the phrase is also the calling card for King catcher Rory Smith.

From his sport choice, to his college choice and the manner he carries himself, the Wolves’ top hitter is not very complicated

“I love baseball,” said Smith, who grew up just blocks from King, playing baseball at an Orangecrest park. “My dad put me in baseball and it just stuck.”

Smith, a three-time All-Big VIII League first teamer, calls baseball one of the most mental games on the face of the planet. And, a way to release tension.

“It’s slow when compared to other sports, obviously, but there is so much going on,” said Smith, who leads King in hits (37), RBI (24), home runs (tied with 4), average (.457), doubles (tied with 8) and triples (tied with 2). “Besides, it’s a release. You get to come out here and hit the … baseball, and that’s pretty fun…”